A Look into the RAM Trucks' Symbol

Many know of the symbol that is used by the RAM Trucks brand. It's none other than a bighorn ram, but is it only used because it's technically spelled the same as the brand's name? Not at all. The brand and the animal have much more similarities than that. On today's Cronic Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM's blog, we'll be exploring why the bighorn ram is a perfect fit for these impressive trucks.

If anyone knows anything about a ram, it's that they are tough, not only physically but in spirit as well. They have a strong "head-butting" personality, pun intended. RAM trucks have been proven to be robust as well, never giving up, hence why farmers continue to use them on the farm for all of their massive hauling and intense work.

Just like the animal, RAM trucks such as the 1500, tackle terrain with ease. The truck's four-wheel drive that keeps the vehicle climb over unsteady ground is representative of the ram using their naturally split hooves to keep safe.

Did you know that the animal can be a part of a horn battle for several hours? These animals are so tough that they can withstand the grueling work of protecting what's theirs for an extended time. The RAM 1500 works hard too, being able to tow about 10,450 lbs. for long periods at a time.

There are many types of sheep out there but a ram is unique and stands out. We see this all the time with trucks. There are so many brands and types of trucks out there, but there is only one that stands a cut above the rest: a RAM truck. Thanks to all the awards given to the automaker for their trucks and the constant innovative creations like the brand-new 2014 EcoDiesel RAM 1500, the brand is always a step ahead of the pack.

Come check out the inner animal of our new RAM lineup at 2515 N Expressway in Griffin, GA. You'll understand why the ram was a great choice in representing our powerful trucks.

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