Everyone wants to get top dollar for their trade-in. No other dealership gives you more for your trade-in than Cronic CDJR in Griffin, Georgia. So, how do you present your car, truck, or SUV to get the value you deserve? Below are some important tips and tricks to get all the money you have coming to you when you trade-in your pre-owned vehicle.

Knowing How Much Your Trade Is Worth is More than Half the Battle

Before you do anything to the vehicle you're going to trade in, you should know just how much you'll be able to get for it. There are many websites online, like kbb.com and edmunds.com that will provide you the amount you should expect when you trade in a vehicle like yours, considering age, mileage, and the condition of your vehicle.   
The condition of your vehicle is an important factor when determining how much your trade-in is worth and how much money you should spend preparing your vehicle for trade. Moving your vehicle from being in a "Fair" condition to "Good" condition can increase the value you can expect for your trade-in substantially. This should always be balanced against the amount of money you need to spend to improve its condition.   
Dealerships are always looking for reliable pre-owned vehicles to sell. Getting a good car on trade is a profitable way to bring in vehicles for sale to the used market. When a dealership appraiser sees your vehicle, you want the first thought that enters his or her mind to be, "Wow! We can make a healthy profit from this trade-in."  

Curb Appeal Brings Top Dollar for Your Trade

The best way to increase the trade-in value of your vehicle at a car dealership is by increasing its curb appeal-how good it looks to the buyer or appraiser. Most of the value of a trade-in comes from how well-kept it appears when you bring it into the dealership. Make sure you at least wash (or have washed) your vehicle and vacuum the interior. Depending on the age and condition of your vehicle, you should consider having it detailed. The newer the vehicle the more a professional detail, both inside and out, will increase the value of your trade. Older vehicles' trade-in values can only go up so much, considering their age and mileage.   
You might also want to think about getting small dings and dents fixed. A small dent repair business can be found by doing a Google search like, "small dent repairs near me." Usually, the person will come to where your vehicle is (even at work) and do the job. Many are reasonably priced, and the small upfront cost of fixing dings and dents will have a positive impact on the trade-in value you're offered.  

At Cronic CDJR, We Give You the Most for Your Trade

When you get the value you deserve for your trade-in, you'll have more money to buy the vehicle you want. At Cronic CDJR in Griffin, Georgia, we have made it our mission to give our customers the highest trade-in value we can, so they are able to afford their next vehicle from us. It just makes good sense.  

Contact Cronic CDJR to Trade-In Your Current Vehicle in Griffin, GA

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